Basic Firefighting Skills

Smoke house36 HOURS over three weekends

PURPOSE: The Basic Firefighter Skills Course has been designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge that a new firefighter may utilize on an emergency scene. This course is the initial step of the Sequential Training Program of the Fire School. Basic Firefighting Skills will be a prerequisite for all other fire-training courses provided by the school.

CONTENT: Orientation, Protective Equipment,                                                        Fire Behavior, HosesContaminated Atmospheres, Fire Service Organizations, Firefighter Safety, Basic Ropes and Knots, Fire Extinguisher usage, Salvage Cover Applications, Ground Ladders, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Forcible Entry Equipment, Emergency Scene Power Equipment, Hose Adaption, Appliances and Evolutions will be discussed in this course. Hazardous Materials Awareness, physical fitness, and driving personal vehicles to the station is included in this course.

AUDIENCE: The Basic Firefighter Skills Course is offered to all fire service personnel, specifically the recruit member who has no experience in fire scene operations, or as a review to experienced firefighters.

PREREQUISITES: In-state students shall be 15 years of age or older. Out-of-State students shall be eighteen (18) years of age.

CLASS LIMIT: 200 students

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full PPE (provided by your station)


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