Dress Code

ESC Members will follow the dress code of the organization where they are placed while they are at that site. They may wear the uniform or issued clothing of their site. However, ESC members may not violate YMCA dress code policy while at their service site. In accordance with YMCA dress code policy, members are limited to two errings per ear while serving and no other visible pierced jewelry is allowed (eg., nose rings, tonge rings, labret piercings, ect). Visivle tattoos are permitted in accordance with YMCA policy; however, if a tattoo represents an inappropriate theme (eg., nudity, violence, vulgarity, profanity, etc.), the member is required to cover the tattoo while serving. A copy of the YMCA dress code is provided.

Facial hair may be limited during the course of the program because of the nature of the personal protective equipment that members are required to wear as a part of their service. Members may not have a beard or goatee during their service year; they may have a mustache that does not reach below the jaw line. Members understand that they may be asked to shave at any time during the service year if they do not follow this guideline.

ESC members are issued AmeriCorps gear that they may wear at their service site if appropriate. This gear includes a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. Members will also be issued polo shirts. When engaging in any kind of outreach or recruitment activity, members are required to wear their uniform polo shirt and khaki or other neutral-colored slacks. The only exception to this will be made if the member’s service site has issued the member a uniform that the site would prefer the member wear when out representing the company.

AmeriCorps members cannot participate in any prohibited program activities while wearing their AmeriCorps gear. They also may not consume alcoholic beverages in public or be in a place, such as a bar, that primarily serves alcoholic beverages while wearing AmeriCorps gear. Members are fully expected to behave in a way that represents the characters values of the YMCA while wearing their AmeriCorps gear: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Members may be required to wear AmeriCorps gear on service days.

For questions related to dress code, contact the ESC Program Director and/or Site Supervisor.


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